Whatever You Ask In My Name

What is often overlooked by those who see another suffering is to ask God, “Lord, I am willing to follow You in everything and in every way but I have just one question for You. What are You doing with this person?” We will pray healing for what we consider God’s will to heal but we never consider asking Him what He is doing.
Every time someone asks me to pray for their loved one, the first thing I ask the Father is, “What are you doing with that one?” It is not in a tone of defiance but an attitude that seeks to always walk in a manner that is pleasing to Him and not to myself, to find His way and not my way.
The pastor of a church I used to attend years ago would ask me to ride with him to the hospital to visit someone who the doctors say was going to die. While on the way, this pastor would ask me if that person was going to live or die. I would turn my heart to the Lord to get His word on the matter and give God’s answer. If they were to die, God had His reasons which He would share with me so that I could tell the pastor.
On another occasion, while serving in another church years before that one, one of the musicians requested prayer for his mother who was dying. She had just come to Christ and then was diagnosed with cancer. The church began to pray and instantly, I heard from the Spirit of the Lord what He was doing. This is what He told me to pass along, “I have waited her entire life for her to finally come to Me and have decided to take her home to be with me now.” I shared this word with the pastor who then beckoned me to tell that musician. When I spoke to the musician about what I heard, he just broke down and cried. Once he was able to compose himself, he told me, “I knew this because the Lord told me but I needed to try because I did not want her to go.” The words I passed on to him actually brought him a great peace because now, God’s word to him was confirmed and the peace God intended for him, could now be received.
I was asked to pray for another person at another time and I did as I always do, asked the Lord what He was doing. He showed me a sin in that person’s life that He had shown them but they had refused to respond to His voice. It was for this reason they were afflicted with that disease. So I asked that person asking for prayer for another woman, if I could talk to her. She agreed and brought me to the woman who was sick with the disease. I told her the reason she was sick and also told her that the Lord had already spoken to her about that sin in her life and she rejected Him. Immediately she fell to the ground in brokenness and tears. The conviction of the Holy Spirit was on her and she repented immediately. Once this was done, I declared to her that her disease was gone (I could see it leave her body). She left that place, checked with the doctor and confirmed she was free of that cancer. God healed her!

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