More Favorites

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Bible GateWay is one of the most usual and comprehensive bible reading and study sites available on the internet with the largest number of translations available.

Blue Letter Bible
This bible reading and study site is my son’s favorite with all kinds of study helps and Greek/Hebrew dictionaries to satisfy almost any ‘get down to the root’ word study student.

You Version Bible
The world’s most popular bible reading web site with a host of additional helps, messages, etc. With the ability to listen to countless ministers expound on the word, the student of the bible will find this site extremely useful.

Biblia-Bible Study Online
Another popular bible reading and study site that also has a very popular extension for Google browsers to enable bible verses to be read in popup windows with just a verse reference.

Sermon Index
The most extensive site with countless messages and sermons by some of the most popular ministers in recent times. Nearly an inexhaustible supply of great sermon preparation material as well as complete messages given by some of the most well known and powerful servants of God.

The Missing Cross to Purity
The most recent gold mine of finds. I followed a link given by someone who was unsure of this site as it presents the most unadulterated message of the nature of God’s Word as being that which is SPOKEN by the Holy Spirit and not the printed bible. The bible is a letter from God, about God and His dealings with His people but it is not God’s SPOKEN word to us. Faith does not come by the READING of the bible or the scriptures but the HEARING of God’s voice SPEAKING to our hearts. Faith can ONLY come as we HEAR God’s Voice when He SPEAKS to our heart. God sent the Holy Spirit to SPEAK to us, TEACH us, GUIDE us into ALL TRUTH and only the Holy Spirit can give to us that truth that will make us free. Our ‘study’ and ‘reading’ of the bible cannot do this. Men have read the scriptures and still missed God as we all can clearly see in the examples given us in the Gospels. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day KNEW the TORAH but still did not recognize Jesus as their Messiah because without the SPIRIT of God giving us the REVELATION of His Truth, we cannot truly know the truth.