July 11, 1986

July 11, 1986

by Michael Ratcliffe

The Spirit of the Lord says, “You will reach certain areas of fulfillment in that I am standardizing something that has been sub-standard. An area in business”, says the Lord, “that has not been fruitful. Areas”, says the Lord, “that, there are many others doing the same thing, I’ll begin to bless you in a way vocationally {vocation: a summons or strong inclination to a particular state of course of action; specifically: a divine call to the religious life or ; the work in which a person is regularly employed} that you will come up with areas that have seemingly been upon others hearts but yet God has chosen to make you flourish. In this provision, in this flourishing,” says the Lord, “understand, spiritually as well, is because I am putting you “in touch” and “in tune” and “in harmony” with the purpose of My will, that men will understand the blessing of God materially, financially, business upon your life even though they recognize you don’t put forth as much effort as many in the ability or the skill of management and the skill of public temperature. The have given themselves many,” says the Lord, “they have termed successful and rich, have been given that place because of their own abilities but it will be because of the Spirit of the Lord has put something within your life that the Lord many standardize faith and put it in the lives of businessmen everywhere. Rather than going to school, going to a certain counseling center, going to a certain group that would be advisory in business and management and investment.” The Lord says, “I’m doing something apart from your own education; apart from your own ability, so that you may rest in faith and believe what the word of the God would be saying concerning you.”

“Spring forth into the areas,” says the Lord, “that I move you in ministry. Spring forth, don’t wait for it to be so confirmed, but understand as you take a step, I’ll take ten. As you take,” says the Lord, “the initiative, I will reward your faith in the lives of people all around you. The embarrassment you’ve suffered in the lack of proving God’s presence at times when you’ve called out. You’ve desired to see it,” says the Lord, “Rejoice! For I am bringing the best now, saving it till last, that I may cause who say, ‘It is no use. God doesn’t care. God doesn’t work for me. God doesn’t love me. I’m not good enough.” The Lord says, “You will bring them forth in My own goodness. You will hear the words of love come to your ears again. You will receive now back to your own person that which has been separated. I will recover to you Heart and Home and Family. I will show you that the Word of the Lord is truth and that you will be able to say, ‘I am the happiest man in the world’.”

Lift up your hands to the Lord. Say this with me: “Father, I receive everything. In restoration. You promised me. I have asked You. Faithfully I have looked to humble myself that my heart’s desire may return to me. O Lord, I thank you. What is being severed and been separated from, O Lord You are recovering, fully and completely, my heart’s desire. I delight in You God and it is because I suffered for the call of Your will and the call to the ministry that, God, these things have happened. That I may depend upon you and my commitment is sure. After this Word tonight, there will be no doubt in my mind that what You’ve given me and now all will return to me that has been scattered. you will gather together, with new portions of love and words of love and affection to me physically, in the wife of my youth. You’re restoring to me the thought of marriage in the way it should be. In the purpose of Your own will I recognize Your power upon my family, even to such portions that I may impart financially. All my relatives, on both sides, will receive financial blessings at Christmas time, beyond their wildest expectations. That You want to prove something to them and You will stand behind it. The bank of heaven is in my access. I receive the power to draw from Your wealth. You are giving me the power to get it. I will be a wise steward, a loving steward. I will not be foolish or hasty. But even at times, Your foolishness will be wiser than the wisdom of man in that You’ll say to do certain things that I will think is foolish but as You confirm it and as I know it, I’ll do it. By the power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus, I receive God’s deposit, both financially and spiritually, in faith and in the revenues of faith, the premiums of faith, the work of God’s faith in my life. In the name of Jesus, I will not climb a ladder on relationship after relationship like men do in business. God is carrying me to the top without climbing one relationship except through Jesus Christ. My access into these areas, to some people will be so phenomenal that I will blush and I’ll be embarrassed that I should to testify to them, the simplicity that God has given me and what they would expect would be a detailed account of accountability, business prowess and practices that so many others have come and gone with, I’ll say, “It’s by the power of God that He has given me what I have.” In Jesus’ name.


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