February 13, 1987

February 13, 1987 by Michael Ratcliffe

The Spirit of the Lord says, “I’m taking away the clouded areas, the clouded vision, the blurs, the mis-focus, things that appear at times upside down by the effects of heat like a mirage, the deluding spirits that are invoicing themselves, seeking to come against you in various ways, to tempt you, to believe something other than that which is consistent with the truth pertaining to your life.” The Lord says, “I will give you pertinence. I will give you that which is pertinent to what is actually going on in a reality of My Spirit in ways that people will even say in some cases, just the opposite. Hear Me!” says the Lord, “for often I allow the many counselors to say one thing, though it be the truth of the word, it is according to the letter and not according to the Spirit. Hear the Spirit,” says the Lord, “the letter kills but the Spirit gives life. The letter kills oftentimes means, separates rather than annihilates. The letter, the written code, often just fragments and widens the gap and confuses the issue, rather than it meaning physical death in so much as it just means, separates and widens the gap.”

“I want you to close the gap” says the Lord, “by listening and abiding by My Spirit. I’m lifting the clouds and dispersing that which has been stormy in your life at this time, for in your own personal experience” says the Lord, “you will regard me in a new way, that I may have pre-eminence. In some ways, I’ve been desiring your personal faith, your personal prayer, your secret time, your prayer time. In ways that I’m about to reveal Myself,” says the Lord, “there won’t be anymore of the indecency, clamoring for your attention, an indecency that people would say of this or say of that, that this is why the Lord is doing that. In many ways,” says the Lord, “they’re exposing Me to shame by saying all that I’m not doing when they have not met My conditions. They have not met what My grace has called them to. They’re doing what they want to do and then later crying out for forgiveness and mercy, when the Lord says, ‘I’m not even giving forgiveness and mercy because their hearts are not right with Me’. Be careful how you put names upon the relationships about you concerning this word. Do not pick out! For I will show you graciously,” says the Lord, “how to pray. How to be in intercession for people who need Me in the respect of repentance that they themselves have been deceived from the simplicity of just repenting and letting the wrong righteousness go, letting their own gain, letting their own profit, their own business connections, their own going in and coming out, rising up and sitting down, that I will them the ability to see genuinely that which is the right hand of the Lord that secures them and leads them in the path that’s right. As I take you through Psalms 23 again, recognize that I will shepherd you. I will be with you,” says the Lord, “in such a special way, that you will not fear in the valley of the shadow of death, for My Rod and My Staff is with you.

Say this with me…

Lord, there are conditions I’ve met and I’ve lifted up my should to You and You’ve listened to me and You’re reckoning to me certain areas of righteousness by Your grace. Lord, I’ve had temptation even to judge others, to criticize them but I’ve held my tongue and You’re blessing me because of it, even at times when I’ve been abused, not even used at all, when people should have called upon me, when I had been there first, I’ve been the one that should have received, I’ve been neglected. You will not neglect me. You are answering me tonight and You’re going to bless me financially. You’re going to impart to me a difference now in my attitude where I’ve been hurting so deep and needing so much. I’ve concentrated on You and especially the words of my mouth, trying not to sin against You or say the wrong thing. In the name of Jesus, the patience You worked is making me entire, complete, lacking in nothing. I’ll be envied by people because I do not react. I’m a man that responds to the Spirit of God, the work of the Holy Spirit. No hypocrisy shall have play in my life, that play acting in the past, that I though was faith, is a sacrifice, a burnt offering but You don’t desire that. You desire the work of Your Spirit in obedience and in yielding. Where I’ve blown it God, You’re picking me up. You’ve graciously provided a way of escape. You are healing me tonight of my past, the memories of the past, even the recent past, even today. Lord, You’ve arrived on the scene to speak to me, to set my price in an unlimited way. The bid of my life cannot be of this world. God has purchased me by the Blood of Jesus. I am bought with price. No longer my own. The measure of my hand is taken away, the measure of God’s rod, His accurate measure, in discernment, in wisdom, in sound judgment, is now filling me up. I will be filled with the Holy Spirit in such a grace and a measure of His wisdom that I will hear Paul’s prayer about a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. I will walk in it, impart it, be a gracious man in the name of Jesus. Amen

JERRY from Lindsey

The Lord says to meditate in the Word day and night. That’s what I see for you. Meditating in it and the Lord will prosper your way. You are accepted in the beloved and He is preparing you as a special vessel. He’s got something unique for you. You don’t have to follow someone else’s program. Wait upon the Lord and wait patiently for Him and He will act. you don’t have to say, “Where can I go to hear from the Lord”. You can say, the Word of God is in your mouth and in your heart, even the Word of Faith.

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