August 23, 1986

August 23, 1986 by Michael Ratcliffe

The Spirit of the Lord says, “I’m saving you from certain sure embarrassments, certain areas in which you would fall flat on your face.” The Lord says, “I will cause you to stand upright and those who would be ready to mock and even willing, knowing ahead of time, your demise, not by My Spirit but by another spirit. I will confound them before your eyes and they that have trusted in the influences of wickedness, the influences of the envious eye and the jealousness and all that which would be according tot he flesh and according to the wrong spirit. You will begin to see more now spiritually than you have seen int he past concerning your adversary the devil. Do not be ignorant of his devices. He seeks to condemn with more than enough guilt by the pressure of people everywhere. The guilt that he puts forth, evan as it was written,” says the Lord, “concerning Corinth and incest. That all it is, is acknowledgement of the situation, the sin, is enough. Therefore forgive lest the devil have opportunity to totally destroy. You will see that you will be able, through My Spirit, to enable and empower My people to forgive, to release but not being ignorant of the devices of the devil. You will see that so many people mount up to condemn and it is true, a fact, that certain occasions have happened by YOU will keep them from driving it into the ground,” says the Lord, “into the extreme, even beyond what is necessary for the sin to be repented of. Understand, repentance shall be upon you like a garment. It will be a sensitivity, a penitent heart. I love a penitent heart and those that are broken before Me and stand before Me open and not closed; in sufficient and not sufficient. Because of your dependence upon Me,” says the Lord, “you will always be provided for. You will have occasion after occasion to let go of everything; to give everything away, to say in your own should and your own heart, ‘What is this to me that I should keep it? Why not sow it? That God may continue to bring forth in my life.’”

“Teach therefore My people according to the Words that I give you; the teachings that I minister to you. Share in the teaching gift that I am anointing you with now and minister,” says the Lord, “as a teacher for a season but be careful, for every teacher is an example and everyone that serves is an example and a teacher should be judged with a strict judgment. Therefore, when you share with others that aspire event to the place where you are, say to them, ‘Let not many be teachers, for they are judged with a strict judgment. They stand before men as an example and thus much walk a certain line; a certain area of integrity.”

Say this with me: “Lord, Your integrity, working in me, is stirring in my heart that I be exactly like You, like Paul, lake all Your servants. Where I have been stretch so thin, so strained, so pressed, You’re going to give me now, expansion, room to breathe oxygen, room to walk. It’s time for me to come through the narrow place into liberty. I can be trusted. I’ll show You Lord that You can trust me that I won’t take it and drive into the ground or take an extreme emphasis that’s dogmatic.”

“I will enjoy you in this time and I will make many provisions come forth because I love to sow seeds. I love to plant. I’d love to be a spiritual farmer and so I will be, by God’s doing, I’ll have crop after crop of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, not food or drink by the kingdom of God. O Lord, show me now the initiative You’ve taken toward me and how some of my school friends will be returning to my acquaintance to be saved, that God may bring some good friends back from a long lost journey down some parts that they made a full circle and they’re right back in front of me, the one they wondered about. They will see the favor of God upon mend the grace of God leading to their salvation, deliverance. I thank You for the time for the breaking of bread that will take place; the communion with them, the fellowship with them, the teaching to them of the things of Christ.

In the name of Jesus, Amen!

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