August 12, 1987

August 12, 1987 by Michael Ratcliffe, Gary Loper, & Michial

I will give you the ability to take away the beclouded sense of perception in some people’s lives and you will see them removed like a veil. Their flesh is about to be pierced by My Holy Spirit, the Word of God and you will be the Purveyor of it. You will be the one who gives and communicates and convinces by My Spirit that they can put off the flesh, the old nature and put on the new nature, even after Christ Jesus. As I take away this beclouded stupor state of mind in some people, rejoice that I’ve given you the power to save lives for the way they’re going will lead them unto death. It seems right but they will find the pronouncements of the flesh no longer with any strength in their lives but the pronouncements of the Spirit. And they will want to fellowship in the Spirit. They will be hungry for the things of God and you will carry them into My banqueting table and nourish them in your own heart’s testimony that they begin eating there. And they will find from testimony to testimony in the lives of My people that there is room for them. As I open My counsel to them, so will you find and early change in what you are headed into. An early change of something that would have taken a long time for you to find fulfillment, accreditation, promise, promotion, financial aid, the Lord says, I will give you the better half first and then you will even off and taper off later after you’ve overcome financially and have been providing already for the needs of others. The Lord says, As I give this to you, be careful that it does not build vain deceit within you and worthiness of the flesh which I have no desire for you to encounter but a worthiness unto the Spirit that you will remain humble. Walk humbly before Me and know even as leadership, know even as a man who has become an example of the goodness of God, that there will be no flaw within your testimony, there will be no boasting in your flesh. I am the lord, says the Lord, and I’m overcoming the outward difficulty that you’re been having, for you have purposed in your heart to be a spiritual man, a man of the spirit man, a man of the Word, therefore, all the impulses of your flesh, I’ve truly deadened and I will continue to deaden and deprive them of its power. As you recognize the content of what I’m bringing you, it is going to become more and more free for giving and there will be no more excesses, no more extremes that you have to deal with. But, within your own conscience now, says the Lord, I’ve declared you clean! I’ve declared you free and you’ll no longer suffer in the flesh, says the Lord, in the way that your forefathers stubbornly and consistently suffered abuse upon abuse; violation upon violation; receiving their recompense because of their ignoring the truth of God. The Lord says, You will be one of Mine who convinces many in these last days of the Purity of the Holy Spirit.


Lord, as You correct things and make matters sweet concerning my life, my future, I’ll be one of those who gives portions to others. In the days ahead, You will give me a new beginning beyond what I know. I will specialize in certain areas of ministry and enjoy that anointing. Generally I will understand that my whole life is being changed. Every disorder, every fear, every snare I’ve had to walk through is broken of the Lord. God will show me now marriage for what He has called it to be; what He is leading it to be and I will minister out of a godliness in marriage that many say “It’s any anointing.” Lord I thank you for the promise of your love, all the forbearance You’ve given me. You’ve been very patient with me. Lord I bless you for it. As I am patient with others, I will watch them in their weakness, receive strength from the Holy Spirit through my ministry, through my life. In Jesus name. Amen!


There si such a great amount of people in the body of Christ that are bound up into legalistic way of thinking and think that they are righteous. There is a way that seems right unto a man but the end there is death. There is so much of the body of Christ that is absorbed into that. The Lord is really going to bring about some liberation and a lot of this is going to be through your ministry, this it is going to be a great focus of your ministry but in that, the Lord is saying this, (out of Galatians 6) “Brethren, if a man is overtaking in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted. Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. For if anyone thinks of himself as something, then his is nothing and he deceives himself but let each one examine his own work and then he will have rejoicing in himself alone and not in another.” The Lord is saying that the ministers He is sending out now are going to be the individual workers to the harvest and not the columbines where they kick up a lot of dust and cause a great deal of furor and get a great deal of media or a great deal of worldly type attention. The ministry of the Lord is one to one and that is what He is putting you into.


I see the ministry of Micah in you in some ways that even though Isaiah and Micah were contemporaries, Isaiah spoke more of a whole Israel content politically; Micah spoke concerning the farmer, the everyday man, whether one on one versus the corporate express. Both were right. You are going to have that trace of ability and you are going to be greatly satisfied with that even because says neither Isaiah or Micah differ, it is God that gives the increase. Neither he who sows nor he who waters is anything but God who gives the increase. So look into the book of Micah and with patience and grace and a prayer continually upon your heart that God exchange or change and transform some of those things in the book of Micah in some people whom you would normally give up on and say they haven’t got a chance. The Lord is going to touch their hearts through you.


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